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As the saying goes, “Three fences for a fence, three gangs for a hero.” Life is alive, it is inseparable from friends, and friends’ friendship and support are indispensable. However, the world is a big one, and the fish and the dragon are mixed, and the friends are divided. The ancients have warned us that “the gentleman chooses the face first and then pays, the villain chooses after the face, so the gentleman is especially fuss, the villain complains more,” “I can’t carelessly make friends,” see how to know and choose friends. It is a very important issue in life.

Be careful to make friends. No matter what type of person you pay as your own friend, be careful. “The near Zhu Zhe Chi, the near ink is black”, this long-standing famous saying vividly illustrates the importance of “careful friendship”, is the experience of the ancients, the fact is true, how a person’s friends, their own Development often plays a big role. This is an invisible subtle influence and the power of edification.

What is the best friend? The ancients said: “Yiyou three friends, the loss of the three friends. Friends straight, friendship, friends, friends, Yi Yi; friends are secluded, friendly and soft, friends and shackles, damage.” That is to say, making friends with people who are upright, creditworthy, and knowledgeable will benefit a lot; it will bring disadvantages to those who are flattering, unsatisfactory, and slick. This still has implications for how we choose and make friends. Generally speaking, in real life, we make the following types of friends who are most beneficial to the development of the municipality directly under the central government.

A thousand miles of marriage, I hope that I can help you get rid of the single life and make friends.

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